Jurassic Haikyo

It’s been too dark and cold to enjoy any explorations these past few months. But as winter is coming to an end I’m able to get back into action … starting with this little curiosity in the wilds of Gunma. On the way there me and Brian discussed the issue of giving credit for finding sites within the Haikyo community. He argued there wasn’t any point doing it … while I tried to explain why I thought it was important. Like I did with this location, people put time and effort finding these sites … and it’s a nice nod of respect between fellow enthusiasts. Especially if the site’s going to end up in a book one day. But anyway, I digress … dinosaurs!

There are a number of dinosaur-related attractions in Gunma for some reason. This unguarded dinosaur cave was part of a larger theme park, and had been abandoned for at least ten years. In which time it had become completely flooded. Making our way around was a challenge. At first the cave was almost pitch black for us. But as our eyes adjusted we could see enough to explore the area.

There were almost no passers-by outside to disturb us … a luxury I don’t usually enjoy on my explorations. Finding these critters by torch-light was fun but occasionally creepy.

I took a daring jump over the flooded trail to take some pictures of the dinosaurs in the centre. No accidents this time. But with my tripod sinking in the mud, and precious little foot-space to manoeuvre, my photographic reward was nada.

There were other areas to explore inside … but without boots, or a boat there was no way to get to them. Satisfied with our findings it looked like the day’s adventure was over. Until I stumbled upon a nearby research centre. This is what I found.

I go on these adventures in search of dark curiosities … but I was repulsed by my findings.

Dead snakes were everywhere. On the shelves, in the sink, in drawers, on the floor, almost every surface had been utilised to store the overflowing amount of bodies.

I went outside to get Brian, who had wandered off elsewhere. His reaction, like mine was one of disbelief.

The story ends here. I hold a particular fear for snakes … seeing container after container stuffed and brimming with snake bodies was – I’m sure you’ll agree – disgusting. We left the snake centre and wandered off into the fields, finding … nothing.

Brian’s photos of the trip can be seen here.


2 responses

  1. Tom

    Fantastic shots! Just wondered where this was in Gunma? Thinking of heading there this weekend if not too far, looks well worth the trip!! Also greatly appreciate any other haikyo areas in Gunma you recommend.
    an extremely new Haikyo(er)

    March 15, 2012 at 5:41 am

  2. Those snakes look AWFUL!!!!! Thanks for freaking me out before bed! 😀

    April 28, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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