Old West Amusement Park (2)

In the dying days of the Old West Amusement Park its Long Horn Saloon continued to host a ‘Wild West Show’ for its steadily dwindling audience. Japanese blogger Arakawa recalls the American actors putting on a horse riding, guns blazin’ performance to a crowd of twenty, in a stadium build for two hundred people. Crowds or no crowds they had to put on a show. Outlaws rode into town, captured members of the audience and were safely rescued by the heroic Sheriff  (on crutches no less). The stuntmen staged bar fights and shoot-outs, with one outlaw taking a perilous fall from the top of the tower pictured above (onto the now-visible green mattress). Looking at other bloggers posts it’s amazing to see the areas I didn’t have access to: an old-time bar, barber shop, jailhouse … and a teddy bear museum with a twenty-foot tall bear!

My story picks up on the other side of the park. A snowstorm had surrounded the area, and with precious few places to shelter myself from the cold my exploration was becoming a whitewash. One thing I did have access to was the Sheriff Spirits attraction. This casket-themed walk-through game was a bit more sinister than everything else I’d seen so far. I entered through a pair of black, velvet curtains and made my way through a pitch black maze, lighting up the sparse remains of the casket game by torchlight.

Finding the ruins of a church is high up on my unwritten list of places I like to visit as an explorer. No congregation was ever meant to gather inside this church though. Due to its theme park scale the doorway can only fit children inside, and the shabby insides of the church certainly take away that theme park magic.


Certain areas offered a small amount of protection from the snow.


The final unexplored corner of the theme park was the resting place of all of the park’s trains, such as the red Caboose No. 505.


The Baldwin manufactured saddletank locomotive, made in Philadelphia in 1940 according to its side plate.



A slighty worse for wear John Wayne

The snow wasn’t easing up, and as much as I wanted to see more of the park it was a good idea to call it a day. The day didn’t go as well as expected, but nothing ever goes completely to plan on these trips. A final farewell, a quick roll under the fence and it was time to high tail it out of there.


One response

  1. MJG

    So interesting- I was totally unaware of the casket game and the Sheriff Spirits thing, and also I didn’t get inside the main Mexicoland building with all the vintage cars. However I did get in the ghost hose, funhouse, and Mount Rushmore. Wish I had had more time inside- its really a great location.

    July 10, 2011 at 6:44 am

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