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Twin Love Hotels

This is the final adventure from my Tochigi road trip last January, a pair of love hotels in such bad condition that they’re both sinking into the ground and falling to pieces at the same time. I really had to watch my step. It was a lucky day for discoveries. The long drive home from Tochigi saw us making several unexpected stops as we stumbled upon a cluster of abandoned buildings.



Chiba Explorations

The Hotel Royal or Hotel Yui in Chiba is a ruin with a particularly dark history. After unsuccessful days as a love hotel, then a restaurant-slash-Hotel this establishment fell into disrepair, then became used for other purposes. Namely desperate people came here to die and most famously an innocent schoolgirl was kidnapped and eventually strangled here by a group of young miscreants. All of which has made the ruin famous in the local area for all the wrong reasons. According to internet folklore the ruin is so popular amongst ghost hunters that (and I paraphrase) “people queue up outside the hotel at midnight to listen to the ghostly screams inside”.