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Old West Amusement Park (2)

In the dying days of the Old West Amusement Park its Long Horn Saloon continued to host a ‘Wild West Show’ for its steadily dwindling audience. Japanese blogger Arakawa recalls the American actors putting on a horse riding, guns blazin’ performance to a crowd of twenty, in a stadium build for two hundred people. Crowds or no crowds they had to put on a show. Outlaws rode into town, captured members of the audience and were safely rescued by the heroic Sheriff  (on crutches no less). The stuntmen staged bar fights and shoot-outs, with one outlaw taking a perilous fall from the top of the tower pictured above (onto the now-visible green mattress). Looking at other bloggers posts it’s amazing to see the areas I didn’t have access to: an old-time bar, barber shop, jailhouse … and a teddy bear museum with a twenty-foot tall bear!